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Ancient Psychedelia: Alien Gods & Mushroom Goddesses
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The Secret History of the Magic Mushroom
       The Skelton Key to the Mysteries

   Take a trip back in time and explore the ancient mysteries.
Discover the role psychedelics played in ancient civilizations.
   Learn first-hand about the myths which spawned off all the great religions.
   See for the first time ever revealed, secret symbolism on over 1000 ancient cave drawings, rock glyphs, coins, artifacts, angravings and wall reliefs, alchemical and Christian art.

   Based on over 30 years or research into global conspiracies and drawing from over 100 references and 1000 citations, an entire secret history of civilization is uncovered, dealing with subjects such as:

Ancient Aliens, Atlantis and Lemuria, Cults, Devils and Demons, Dragons and Dragon Lords, Earth Consciousness, Fairies and Elves, Giants, Gobekli Tepe, Goddess History, King Arthur and the Holy Grail, Medieval Dark Ages, Magic, Mind Control, Mushroom Mythology, Occult Symbolism, Plant Medicines, Psychedelics and Alternative Realities, Revolutions and Cultural Upheavals, Soma and Immortality,Child and Virgin Sacrifice, Patriarchal Destruction of the Matrilineal Societies, Roots of Religion, Philosopher Stone and Alchemy, Secret Societies, Sexual Politics, Shamanism, UFOs and Flying Saucers, Witch Trials and More.

   Find out how all these subjects are interrelated and connected to each other via the magic mushroom. Revealed for the first time ever in history, and all in one place, the secrets "they" don't want you to know.
Jerry Garcia - Mushroom / UFO Art


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Chapter 1: In the Beginning, Goddess Created
p. 1
Animals and Psychedelics p. 1
Cave People p. 2
The Human Opiate and Endocannabinoid System p. 2
The Moon p. 3
Starfire of the Goddess p. 3
Cave Art & Petroglyphs p. 4
Early Cordage, Stone Tools Trade & Figurines p. 13
Goddess Figurines p. 13
Bird and Serpent Goddesses p. 17
Farming and Husbandry p. 19
Pottery p. 22
Temple Sites p. 22
Language and the Invention of Writing p. 22
Early Matrilineal Society p. 23
Patriarchy Defined p. 26

Chapter 2: The Secret Symbolism of Nature
p. 29
The Womb of Birth as Pot p. 29
Vessel & Cauldron p. 29
Navel as Center of the World p. 29
Water as Sacred Milk of the Goddess p. 30
The Well as Shamanic Transport Device p. 30
Spirals p. 30
Labyrinths p. 30
The Tomb of Death is also a Womb p. 30
Gates as Shamanic Passageway Entrances p. 31
Hell and the Underworld p. 31
Fire p. 31
Deer and Bull Horns p. 31
The Axe and the Oak p. 32
The Double Axe p. 32
The Hammer p. 33
Thunder and Lightning p. 34
Pinecones and Pine Trees p. 35
The Wheel as Mushroom Cap p. 36
Arrows, Spears & Sword Handles as Mushroom Stems p. 36
The Shield as a Mushroom Cap p. 36
The Umbrella as Mushroom Cap p. 37
Early Coinage p. 37
Sperm Serpents p. 37
Phallic Imagery as Occulted Mushroom Metaphor p. 38
Lingam and Yoni p. 39
Bird and Serpent Goddess Symbolism p. 40
Occult Numbering in Religious Texts p. 43
The Number 3 p. 43
The Number 7 and 12 p. 43
The Number 13 p. 43
The Number 72 p. 44
The Moon Occults the Bull p. 44
The Lunar Calendar p. 45
The Early Zodiac p. 46

Chapter 3: The Secret Symbolism of Mythology p. 47
The Purpose of Myth p. 47
The Cosmic Egg p. 48
The World Egg p. 48
The Tree of Life p. 48
The Pomegranate P. 49
The Earth Mother p. 49
The Birth of the Divine Child p. 49
The Dying and Resurrected God p. 49
The Sacred Marriage of Earth and Heaven p. 50
The Hermaphrodite p. 50

Chapter 4: Early Kingship & Creation Myths
p. 53
Hammurabi’s Code & Invention of Slavery p. 54
Early King Creation Myths p. 54
African Mushroom Symbolism p. 56

Chapter 5: India and the First Priesthood
p. 57
India Creation Myths p. 57
The Vedas and a Host of Indian Deities p. 58
Saraswati, Brahma, Aditi, Shiva p. 59
Parvati, Durga p. 61
Lajja (Lajjit) Gauri p. 62
Indra p. 63
Agni p. 65
Rudra p. 66
The Maruts p. 67
Vishnu p. 69
Mitra-Varuna, Visvedevas, Yama, Brighu p. 70
Soma: Food of the Gods p. 71
Mahābhārata & Bhagivad-gita p. 76
Serpent & Eagle Lore in Hindu Mythology p. 77
Vāsuki, Takshaka, Garuda, Krishna p. 78
Arjuna, Hanuman p. 79
Ganesha, Brahmanic Control of Hinduism P. 81
The Upanishads P. 82
The Puranas p. 82

Chapter 6: Three Magi
p. 83
Persian Flood Story p. 85
Zoroaster p. 85
Ashi Vanuhi p. 85
Horn & Cow of Plenty p. 87
Haoma, the Persian Soma p. 87
Persian Mithra p. 89
The Phrygian Cap of Liberty p. 90
Anahita p. 91

Chapter 7: Dragon Lords of Atlantis
p. 93
Manichaeans p. 94
The Kingdom of Bhutan p. 95
The Buddha p. 96
Development of the Caste System p. 96
Vajrayana Buddhism p. 97
The Tantras p. 97
The Chattra p. 99
Vajrayogini, Avalokiteśvara, Guan Yin p. 100
Tirthankara & Jainism p. 101
Blavatsky and the Mythology of Atlantis and Lemuria p. 102
Hyperboreans & Arimaspians p. 103
Buddhism and Christianity Comparisons p. 104

Chapter 8: The Tower of Myth Babel
p. 105
The Mythology of Sumer p. 105
Enki, the Apkallu (Seven Sages/Anunnaki) p. 106
Ninlil, Enlil, Gulu, Anu, Ninhursaga p. 107
Ninurta, Anzu p. 108
Nusku, Mamu, Nanna(r) Sin, Gibil p. 109
The Sumerian account of Genesis and the Flood p. 111
Babylon – Akkad - Marduk p. 113
Nintinugga, Inanna/Ishtar p. 115
Dumuzi(d) / Tammuz p. 117
Utu / Shamash, Pazuzu p. 118
Lamashtu p. 120
The Library of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh p. 120
Enuma Elish, the Story of Creation p. 120
Melammu p. 123
Atra Hasis, the Epic Tale of the Great Flood p. 124
Adapa and the South Wind p. 127
Demigod Mushroom Hero Gilgamesh p. 128

Chapter 9: Kill ‘er Giants p. 135
Ugarit, Daniel & the Aqhat Epic p. 135
Elysian Fields p. 137
The Rephaim as Giants p. 137
Anatolia Turkey, Hittite & Hurrians p. 138
Atargatis. Kumarbi, Teshub, Hebat p. 140
Kubaba / Kybele, Attis p. 141
Baal p. 142
Anath p. 142
Kingship in Heaven p. 143
Song of Ullikummi p. 143
Illuyanka, Telepinu p. 144
Phoenicians and the Land of Canaan p. 144
Tanit, El(ohim) p. 145
Baalat, or Ba'alat, Eshmun p. 146
Philistines p. 146
Arameans p. 147
David of Sassoun p. 148

Chapter 10: Art of the Occult in the Eye of Ra
p. 151
Croziers, Shepherds Crooks & the Kronia p. 152
Healing Shrines and Oracle Services p. 153
Ankh, Djed, Was and Wedjat Symbols p. 154
Ouroboros p. 157
Cneph, the First Phoenix p. 158
Khepri p. 159
Ptah, Khnum p. 160
Amun, Sekhmet p. 161
Bastet, Imhotep, Apis p. 162
Osiris p. 163
Serapis p. 164
Taautus / Tehuti / Thoth p. 165
Magical Amulets p. 166
Horus p. 167
Nun / Nut / Nekhbet p. 168
The Owl, Nephthys, Anuquet, Hathor p. 168
Isis p. 169
Serket p. 171
Neith, Heka, Astarte p. 172

Chapter 11: The Magic of Turning Mushrooms
into Grapes p. 175
Minoan and Mycenaean Crete p. 175
The Etruscans & Achaeans p. 177
The Opium Poppy p. 178
The Titans, Cronus p. 180
Zeus p. 182
Thunderbolts, Arrows and Darts p. 182
Hera, Dionysus p. 184
Demeter & Persephone p. 186
Orpheus and the Serpent Worship of the Ophites p. 187
Phrygian Cap of Liberty p. 187
Celebrating the Mysteries at Eleusis p. 189
Judgment and the Afterlife p. 191
Rhadamanthus, Elysian Fields, Tartarus p. 192
Hades, Poseidon, Euadne, Bendis p. 193
Hecate p. 194
Eileithyia, Artemis p. 195
Apollo, Athena, Helios p. 196
Pasiphae p. 197
Glaucus p. 198
Herakles p. 199
Aphrodite p. 200
Hephaestus / Vulcan p. 201
Hermes p. 202
Agamede, Melampus, Orion p. 203
Medea, Jason and the Argonauts p. 204
Priapus p. 207
Chiron and the Centaurs p. 207
Ascelpius and the Healing Shrines p. 208
The Caduceus p. 209
Demons, Elementals and Other Spirits of the Plant and Fungal Kingdom p. 210
Curetes, Dactyli, Telchines, Corybantes p. 212
Dioscuri Castor and Pollux p. 212
Perseus & the Gorgon Medusa p. 212
Chrysaor & Pegasus p. 215
Sisyphus, Atlas, Tantalus p. 216
Prometheus, Cornucopia (Horn of Plenty) p. 217
Monopods and Anguipedes p. 222
Cista Mystica, the Halo & Wreath p. 223
Mead: Honey Drink of the Gods p. 224
Honey and Bull-Born Bees p. 225
Plato p. 225
The Phoenix Bird, Immortal and Risen from its own Ashes p. 225
Dragons & Their Guarded Treasure p. 227
Human Sacrifice (pt. 1) p. 228
Greek and Hebrew Parallels p. 230
Chapter 12: The Greatest Psychedelic Fairy Tale Ever Told p. 231
Yahweh, Jehovah & the Habiru p. 232
King Solomon was a Goddess Worshiper p. 233
Giants / Nephilim / “Fallen Ones” p. 237
Lilith, the First Wife of Adam p. 240
Adam and Eve in the Garden p. 242
The Brazen Serpent p. 244
First-Born Sacrifice (Human Sacrifice Pt. 2) p. 245
Harvesting the Earth Grapes With a Sickle p. 245
Jacob’s Ladder p. 247
The Golden Calf p. 247
Jonah (Dove) Naps under a Mushroom p. 248
Tabernacle was God’s Drug House & Moses was a Dealer p. 248
Eucharist, Manna from Heaven p. 249
Philo of Alexandria on Manna p. 250
Prophets / Seers / Visionaries / Shaman p. 251
Jonah and the Whale p. 251
The Latin Ezra and the Zohar P. 252
The Return of the Messiah p. 254
Early Hebrew use of Cannabis p. 254

Chapter 13: The Gnosis of Sophia and
Gospel of Truth p. 257
The Marcosians, Mandeans, Naassenes p. 258
The Theraputae & Essenes p. 258
The Manichaeans (Expanded) p. 259
Yaldabaoth & the Archons p. 260

Chapter 14: The Bull of Lunar and Solar Worship
p. 263
Aesculapius in Rome and Creation of a Solar Divinity p. 267
Mithra in Rome p. 269
Solarization of Mushroom Mythology p. 272
Elegabal p. 272
Diocletian, Constantine I, Theodosius p. 273
On Human Sacrifice & Druids (Part 3) p. 274
Justinian I and the Corpus Juris Civilis p. 275
Nike, the Angel of Victory p. 276
The Torch Origin & Feast of Lights p. 280
Vulcan in Rome p. 280
Isis in Rome p. 281
Bona Dea, The Virgin Mary p. 282
Minerva p. 284
The Shield as the Sun and Mushroom p. 285
Scepters as Mushrooms p. 285
Letters as Mushrooms p. 286
Roman Parasols p. 287
Origin of the Christian Cross p. 288
The Spiritual Teachings of Christ p. 288
Jesus Christ is the Bread and Water of Life (Manna) p. 289
Church Tithes and Land Ownership p. 292
Church Entrances p. 293

Chapter 15: Flying Carpets and Magical Lamps
p. 297
The Eclipse of the Moon Goddess p. 297
The Black Virgin p. 299
The Rising Star of Islam p. 300
The Khazar Empire p. 301

Chapter 16: Chapter 16: Lucky Charms p. 305
The Evil Eye p. 305
The Beltane Bride p. 306
History of Irish Myth p. 308
The Cockatrice p. 310
Fairy Berries p. 310
Fishing for Knowledge in The Well of Segais p. 311
Magic Cauldrons p. 312
Connla’s Well p. 312
The Sacred Fires of Kildare p. 314

Chapter 17 : The Holy Mushroom Crusades

and Inquisition p. 317

The Holy Roman Empire p. 317
The Houses of France and the Capetian Dynasty p. 318
A Roman Mushroom Marriage p. 318
The Inquisition and the Crusades p. 319
The King of Jerusalem p. 319
St George of England p. 323
St George Slays the Mushroom p. 324
St Margaret & the Dragon p. 326
The Human Sacrifice of the Templars p. 327
Catholic Shamanism p. 329
Melusine, the Fairy Serpent Mermaid p. 331
A Mushroom in King Arthur’s Grail p. 333
Merlin the Mushroom Magician p. 335

Chapter 18: Chapter 18: The Demonic Possession

of the Catholic Church p. 339

The Devil is in the Details p. 339
The Devil Himself p. 345
Beheaded or Bemushroomed? p. 348
Witch Trials p. 349
Witch Ointments p. 357
Fairies & Witches p. 357

Chapter 19: Amaruka: Land of the Plumed Serpent
p. 361
Tupac Amaru p. 364
Popul Vuh Story of Creation p. 365
Aztec and Mayan “Sacrifices” p. 366
Mexican Mushroom Artifacts and Codices p. 369
Wasson in Mexico p. 383
Disembodied Eyes p. 386
Morning Glory & Hawaiian Woodrose p. 386
San Pedro & Peyote: The Hunter Deer p. 387
Iboga: The Hero of the Heroin Afflicted p. 387
Ayahuasca: The Vine of Telepathy p. 388
Cohoba / Yopo & Mescal Beans p. 390
5-MEO-DMT Toad Venom p. 390
Blue Lotus Flower p. 391
Ergonovine & LSD p. 391

Chapter 20: A Sorcerer Full of Secrets
p. 395
Hebrew Kabbalah p. 395
The Zohar and the Kabbalistic Tree p. 396
Philosopher Stone p. 397
Book of Lambspring p. 397
Protestant Reformation & Anglican Church p. 399
Rosicrucian Enlightenment p. 400
Philosophia Reformata p. 402
Corpus Hermeticum p. 402
Philosophical Emblems of the Secrets of Nature p. 403
Aurelia Occulta p. 407
Illuminati Revolutions p. 408
The Founding Fathers Were Deists p. 411

Chapter 21: Satanic Shaman Santa
p. 413
Exploring Shamanism’s Caves and Chasms p. 415
Wasson & Siberia p. 417
A. muscaria Gives Strength & Agility p. 419
The Little People p. 419
Recycling and Consumption of Urine p. 420
Visionary Experiences p. 421
Santa Clause, the Shaman p. 422

Chapter 22: Fairy Rings & Fairy Tales
p. 425
Snow White p. 425
Princess Nobody p. 427
Rumpelstiltskin p. 429
Beauty and the Beast p. 429
Little Red Riding Hood p. 431
The Young Slave p. 432
Tom Thumb p. 432
Little Brier-Rose & Sleeping Beauty p. 433
Hansel and Gretel p. 434
Alice in Wonderland p. 435
Jack, the Giant-killer p. 436
Jack & the Beanstalk p. 436
King Herla p. 437
Rip Van Winkle p. 438
Food of the Gods p. 439

Chapter 23: They Live in the Sky p. 441
The UFO Culture and Mindset p. 441
Trevor James Constable & the Work of Wilhelm Reich p. 442
Telepathy & Radionics p. 450
Discourses on the Secret Sciences p. 453
UFOs, Meteor Showers and Plagues in the Middle Ages p. 455
Close Encounters of the Strange Kind p. 460
Abducted in Fairyland p. 466
Elijah gets lifted up by the Lord p. 469
UFO Mushroom Crop Circles p. 471
Asvins and Maruts p. 473
Pyramids & Volcanos p. 475

Chapter 24: Project MK-UFO
p. 477
Light Warriors & Polarity Pimps p. 477
1950’s Hippies on Mushrooms Watch UFOs
in the Mohave Desert p. 479

The UFO Message of Salvation p. 481
MK-Ultra Mushroom Mastermind: Andrija Puharich p. 487
Uri Geller and the Nine Principles p. 489
1960’s Musical Hippies Take LSD at Acid Tests p. 495
Walter Bowart, the East Village Other p. 497
Manson and the Monarch Assassins p. 499
Sci-Fi as Propaganda p. 501
Disneyland of the Gods p. 501
UFO Abductions or MILABS? P. 502
Alien or Human Genetic Engineers? P. 506
Weaponizing the Knowledge Gained from Studying Psychedelics p. 507
False Memory Syndrome p. 509
Shaman Aliens p. 510
The Alien-Government Alliance p. 512
Zacharia Sitchen: Master Mythmaker p. 513
Shape shifting Creatures p. 514
DMT and DNA p. 515
German Hegelian Theory and Skull & Bones p. 520
Nazi Flying Saucers & Mushroom Technology p. 521

Chapter 25: Hollywood Zardoz p. 525
Sci-Fi Preconditioning p. 526
The Sci-Fi UFO Invasion p. 528
Reptilian Gods and Serpent Races p. 536

Chapter 26: Planet Mushroom
p. 547
Mushrooms Can Fix Most Environmental Problems p. 547
Unified Fungal Theory p. 549
Strange Happenings while Writing Ancient Psychedelia p. 551
The Cloud Messenger p. 553
Mushroom Rocks around the World p. 554
God/dess Is Present in the Whole Planet p. 556

Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Conclusion & Final Words
p. 557

The Skeleton Key to the Mysteries - A Word Journey Poem

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