About the author

Since his teenage years, Joshua Bempechat has dedicated himself to a rigorous and in depth study of, “The Mysteries.” These include conspiracies, secret societies, the new world order, banking and economic control, sovereignty and the legal system, sacred geometry, alternative health and free energy, cannabis and hemp (he worked at the forefront of campaigns to legalize medicinal cannabis during the 1990’s), psychedelics, mind control, UFOs, cryptozoology, secret symbolism, comparative religion and more.

From 1997 to 2011, Joshua ran the website www.FreedomDomain.com. He took that site offline for several years, before making it live again, in 2017, under a new name. OccultMatrix.com.

His devotion to ongoing research and discovery, has resulted at times in changes and evolutions to his own personal beliefs. But he remains committed to sharing information with his readers and allowing them the opportunity to choose how they wish to incorporate it into their own personal point of view, and to develop their own opinions.

In early 2016, Joshua had a near-death experience, which led him to write his magnum opus, Ancient Psychedelia: Alien Gods and Mushroom Goddesses.

This website was launched January 2019.


About the Project

When I realized I wanted to write a book and make a video, I considered what it would take to do this correctly. I didn’t want to generate another version certain hypothesis I had studied and pondered for many years. I wanted to dig deeper into the existing research, and see if there was something I had not recognized before. So I read and re-read everything I could get my hands on about with respect to these subjects I as already so familiar with. And then I went further into fields that were less familiar to me including ancient world coins and other artifacts, core tenants of anthropology, archaeology and the history of certain key excavation sites, and cave art and early pre-history.

Ancient Psychedelia : Alien Gods and Mushrooms Goddesses explores the relationship between shamanistic societies, goddess worship, sacrificial rituals, entheogen consumption, mythological deities, alchemy tradition, fairy tales and UFOs. It traces the history of humankind back to its earliest beginnings and demonstrates, step by step, how humans evolved in tandem with their ongoing use of psychedelic entheogens. The means to teach this is the research from the books, along with images from coins, artifacts, steles, seals and Christian and religious art of which I have built up a large database.

After spending so many years dedicated to the research and writing of the book, Ancient Psychedelia the intention for this website is to share information through a more visual dimension. As such, ‘symbolism’ is the emphasis of this site.

A key finding of my research, to bear in mind while studying the imagery on this website: from matriarchy to the turn of patriarchy, mushroom symbolism has been secretly encoded, cross culturally, in spiritual and religious iconography. Therefore, it is not always immediately obvious to the viewer. Occasionally, as in the case of the Egyptians, it is encoded in a highly specialized manner. While in Christian art, there are many depictions of “mushroom trees”. It can be argued in these instances and others, that the representations are not mushrooms at all. But this is the very nature of symbolic encoding: it is not intended to be explicit or immediately understood. Therefor, I encourage you to keep this in mind, along indeed with an open mind, when engaging in your visual study of this website’s content.

For those who like to read more, I have included a “Study” (Ancient Psychedelia Study) page that includes a growing bibliography of reference material that has informed my writing and ongoing research.

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The book is due out in November 2019 as well as the DVD. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. Every few days i’ll be posting something to the accounts that features secret symbolism. The Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of the book will launch May 23 and end July 21, 2019.
If you would like to support this project, there are also Vintage Postcards as well as Postcards of “Choice” ancient artifacts, coins and steles, which have our website printed on the backside. These are great for sharing, spreading around and actually using as postcards.
This page presents one of the central concepts of the book.
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