Ancient Psychedelia
Alien Gods and Mushroom Goddesses

by Joshua Bempechat

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First Printing February 2020 – Online Edition


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dedication ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


To Jack Herer
Born: June 18, 1939 – Died: April 15, 2010

My teacher, partner and friend: the bravest freedom fighter and most dedicated activist I’ve ever known. Jack lit the way for me more than anyone else out there. He helped support me when I gave myself over to the cause for legalization of cannabis and hemp. Jack fought harder for his beliefs and worked tirelessly for the freedom of those imprisoned, more than anyone on this earth. His passion for teaching, spreading knowledge and wisdom and helping to raise awareness was like a burning fire in the darkness of night. Working with Jack was a true blessing and seeing the legacy he left us with, in the new era of hemp and cannabis decriminalization, gives me hope that something similar may happen with psychedelics in the near future. Reading the Emperor Wears No Clothes, for me, was a life changing experience. In the Emperor, I read nothing but truth and that is what I set out to do with my book. Jack Herer is a real example of how one person and their will can change the world with the help of a family of like-minded people. I will always miss him, dearly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acknowledgments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The author would like to acknowledge the following people for their various roles in helping make this book a reality
(Not necessarily in any particular order, as everyone has their own unique importance):
Manly P. Hall, for taking the time to study, to learn, and to teach the “Secret Teachings of all Ages.” Manly P. Hall stands as one of the greatest shining beacons of light. His wisdom is ageless. His service to mankind cannot be underestimated.
Joseph Campbell, for dedicating his life to the teaching of comparative myth and religion. Campbell is the voice of reason and sanity in our world of artificially created reality.
JonPaul Woodliff and Kelly Collier, for their belief in me, and the continuous working relationship we held together, which provided me an opportunity and allowed me the resources in time and finances, to be able to work on this project fulltime.
Ginger Joy Greco, for believing in me, supporting and encouraging me every day, being there to bounce ideas and thoughts off of, being strong and brave in spirit and heart and staying positive all the time and being my very best friend.
Wrenna Monet, visionary artist, for creating the amazing artwork that graces the cover of this book. Wrenna brought my vision to reality, and I don’t think she could have done a better job.
Laura Lambert, friend and muse, creatress and poet, for lending her inspiration to this work, without which, this book may not have come to fruition.
Jake Dickerman, for reviewing the book early on and giving a critical analysis.
Vincent and Gloria Di Biase, for access to the image of Jerry Garcia’s artwork, illustrating the UFO/mushroom connection.
Heidi Kontkanen (images 35c, e, f); Genevra Kornbluth, (images 39a, c, d, f), and Charles Mann (3g, I, j), for contributing images or helping by licensing photographs or images.
Special thanks to Clark Heinrich for pointing out the Hanuman and Moses connections in Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy.
Special thanks to Dan Merker for pointing out the Philo references in The Mystery of Manna.
Special thanks to Cark Ruck and Mark Hoffman, for their tireless efforts to bring the truth to the masses and their excellent work the Hidden World. I hope more people will read their books. They have several good ones.
There are many others I would like to thank; all the unspoken heroes of inspiration who have carried the torch of enlightenment through the ages who have contributed to my ability to put all this craziness together and to understand the truth and those who have inspired me to act on my beliefs and instinct instead of sitting still like a pacified sheep, dead from apathy.
I hereby apologize if any copyrights have been infringed regarding any article, photograph or graphic in this book or its appendices. I have gone to great lengths to attempt to locate the owners of all photographs, however, with the nature of the internet, with image aggregation in Google search, combined with Pinterest and the lack of attention to detail in reposting, it has made it prohibitive for me to locate the true owners of many of these photographs. If you own the rights to any image in this book, and choose to enforce that right, please contact at 484 Lake Park Ave #81, Oakland, CA, 94610 to either request removal or licensing. Please provide evidence of ownership and a history of enforcement of that ownership.
If mistakes are found in this book, please forward them to the author so they may be fixed in subsequent editions. Likewise, if readers wish to contribute exceptional images to future publications, please include as much detail as possible and information regarding publication rights or use, i.e. licensing.

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