Ancient Psychedelia

Christian Art

Abbaye de Plaincourault Church fresco 13th Century France Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden with Mushroom as Tree of Life

Canterbury Psalter Circa 1150 AD, the first 6 panels show the Biblical cycle of physical creation to the creation of Adam. Jesus portrayed as Lord of Lords, King of the Plants and Fungus

Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane between 1200 and 1250. Basilica di San Marco, Venice. Some Mushrooms on the ground. Some are trees.

Augustine Gospels Folio. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 286) Scenes from the Passion. Date 6th century AD – Source Folio 125r of the St. Augustine Gospels – 2nd Image from the Top Center has the Menorah above the Mushroom (Secret Symbolism Encoded) Menorah is the Mushroom

Pricke of Conscience Window, All Saints North Street, York – Mushrooms in stained glass

Catherine of Cleves 1440CE – Collecting Manna (Mushrooms) from Heaven.

Biblia-De Tours – Bibliothèque nationale de France. París. Siglo V. Año 427 circa. Mushrooms on bottom of image

St. Michael’s Church, Hildesheim Germany 1192 AD – Painted wooden ceiling with brass bosses, Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Amanita Muscaria Mushroom in the background.

St-Martin-Chartres-Cathedral – The majority of the windows now visible at Chartres were made and installed between 1205 and 1240 – Jesus as the Mushroom – Mushrooms in Stained Glass

Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta Italian:  the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. The original church dated back to the fourth century – One of the oldest Christian churches in the world. Mushrooms depicted in a serving bowl.

Codex Aureus von Canterbury, Evangelistenbild Matthäus – English: Stockholm Codex Aureus, also Canterbury Codex Aureus, Matthew the Evangelist Deutsch: 8. Jh. English: 8th century Matthew and Dome above him form Mushroom. He is seated on a Red and White Dotted pillow (Amanita)

Gospel Book of Otto III: The Sermon on the Mount, Reichenau, 1010 A.D. – Sermon under Mushrooms

St Albans Psalter – Unknown Artist. The Myrrh-Bearing Women at the Tomb. – 12th century – Mushrooms above women (Upper Left)

The River of Life, Douce Apocalypse – 1270 A.D. – Mushrooms as Trees of Life

St Christopher with Christ Montferrand de Perigord – 13th century
Mushroom above St Christopher & Christ. Has rigged edges.