This book is a “revelation.”  An “uncovering” of something that has not been revealed. The dictionary definition of which is as follows:
1. a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.
2. The divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world.


    Around Jan. 2016, I had a NDE or “near-death experience.” I did too much nitrous oxide. No, not what you are probably thinking, but more like 6 or so 20 lb. tanks in a two-week period. Thousands of balloons with several times passing out. I do not recommend this, as it led to peripheral neuropathy and I could not walk comfortably for almost a year. It was a frightening experience. Sometimes the quest to have fun is not worth the risk, and it’s wise to avoid nitrous oxide in large quantities. I like to have fun, so this is why I don’t do cocaine, meth or heroin. I had no idea that nitrous could harm people in this way until it happened to me.
    My nitrous “tripout” lasted about two weeks, from December 25 of 2015 through January 7th or so, of 2016. During this time, not only did my life flash before my eyes, in a sense, but people who meant the world to me, started to affect me in ways I wanted to act upon. My ex-girlfriend of six and a half years, who had two children, had them taken from her, by the courts and her own family, which resulted in the partial destruction of her life, a severed relationship with her children, and years of utter hell, mostly due to the ignorance of the truth of religion and a little mistake on her part. At the same time, I was hanging out with some friends on New Year after a Forum LA Dead show, doing nitrous, and one friend who I really care for, mentioned Jesus, in relation to gnostic teachers and traditions, and I asked her if she knew Jesus was a mushroom and this seemed like news to her, or maybe she had heard it elsewhere recently, but it didn’t seem to be a part of her understanding, and I wanted very much to help her learn the knowledge I had about these things, since she is a psychedelic music lover and avid searcher for truth and we both share a love for magick and philosophy. The only problem with this was that I didn’t know if we would ever have that much time together because we don’t see each other all that often. It occurred to me at that moment and over the next few days that writing a book, a book of my truth, and what I knew and believed in, seemed like the perfect solution to several of these dilemmas.
    My initial thoughts were to write a book for her, to help her learn all I knew about these things, but as that thought occurred to me, I then thought I should do this for the whole world, and really give it everything I can. I had recently been thinking that it may have all been for nothing that I spent so many years learning about strange stuff. That I had wasted a lot of my life learning about things that didn’t

really matter or didn’t serve a purpose to know about.
I started to understand, while being in a highly altered state, that everything I had been learning about my whole life, all the esoteric knowledge, finally had relevance in my life, in a way where it could be put to good use and gave me a hardened sense of purpose. In a way, this was also a trigger for me to go deeper, because there were still myths I believed in, which I was not even aware of yet and this was the impetus to go forward in my learning.
    During this experience I had a vision of my life purpose which was to create a book and DVD which would help the world learn the truth about religion. All of these events were heading to a point, all coinciding and colliding in on each other. Just days before New Year 2015-16, I was reading a book that had been on my shelf for years and left unread, titled, When God Was a Woman, and I started looking online for artifacts because I was reading about how all the goddess idols had their heads busted off and they were missing, so either statues that were recovered were just busts or they were usually figurines missing the heads or hands. I decided to do some research and see what I could find, and I started to see all this mushroom symbolism along with lots of serpent imagery and even what appeared to be “reptilian” gods. One of the figurines I found was literally a reptilian god holding what appeared to be mushrooms in his hands and he looked like he was preaching or something. I figured this must be a joke or a model for a movie set or something and I bought it to investigate it. This “action figure” I now call “Overlord,” and he’s really a 2000-year-old statue from Colima, Mexico, featured on the front cover of this book. Overlord started me on this mission when I heard him call out to me through the computer screen and yell at me, “hey you, where are you going? Look at me! I’m a reptilian alien,” “Aren’t I cool?” and as I heard these words in my head, very high on nitrous oxide, I was pulled into another dimension and world as I began to investigate ancient coins and artifacts for symbols of the serpent race and the mushrooms in ancient history.
    I noticed on several Greek coins, the face of Medusa looked like she was the dragon woman coming through the entheogen trip, and I started to wonder if maybe the reptilian creatures that people have been investigating and David Icke is going on about, are really just projections from the world of psychedelics and nothing more. I had remembered that Rick Strassman had found that people being injected with intravenous DMT had recalled alien abduction-like encounters with beings, and I started to put this together in my head, that maybe all this reptilian and ancient serpent people and ancient aliens were all coming from the mushroom and DMT, not from outer space. Within a couple years of working on this project I would become aware that people like Graham Hancock were onto this same particular trail.     
    During this download as I call it, from my higher self, about what I would need to do, I got the flash in my mind I would need to read about seventy books or so.

    I already knew a good deal about symbolism, roots of religion, the goddess in history, mushroom and entheogen lore, but I was not rock solid on lots of information and I needed to make sure that what I thought I knew, I actually knew for sure, because I didn’t want to be one of those people who puts out information and cannot change his mind one day because he has already stated a belief which had no foundation or basis. It’s been difficult for me in the past to take those kinds of people seriously. Figuring I would have to read more books on comparative religion, mythology, anthropology, ancient history, goddess cultures, coins, pre-Columbian art and civilizations, a few more books on UFOs and every book out there on DMT and mushrooms which I had not already read. I estimated it would take me about 6 years to do this, but if I worked hard, non-stop, I could possibly do it in four years. It took about three and a half years to get through close to one hundred books and in the time I did this I collected over two thousand images through both books and online sources. I then took about 6 months to compile and write the material and clocked a little over 5000 hours of time in total.
   I made some amazing discoveries along the way. My mind was like a ping pong ball, going back and forth between possibilities and attempting to establish a consensus of reality in my imagination sphere or mind’s eye. The whole time I was reading and researching, I was not looking to build a case or argument for anything, only to gather facts, take notes and eventually put everything together so I could understand it myself, then I would be able to teach others the truth as I found it to be. That is what this book is, a distillation of facts and knowledge gleaned from approximately one hundred primary book sources and over one thousand secondary book sources. The real meat though is the symbolism on the coins and artifacts. I learned by watching Jordan Maxwell’s “Video Slide Presentation,” first hand, the effect that teaching symbolism, has on the mind and that person’s ability to see through the matrix as if they are wearing a pair of glasses from the movie “They Live.” The greatest gift this book will have on the reader is the ability to “see” firsthand for themselves, the secret symbolism that has always been right under our noses and ultimately, used to control us.
    For someone who has studied conspiracies and politics most of my life, I tried to keep an open mind and also be skeptical as I could about everything I was learning. At different times, a preponderance of evidence in one direction or the other led me to want to see things a certain way or believe things were a certain way. I suppose this is human nature. I used to tell people about reptilians for the purpose of having esoteric discussion and also to see what people thought and felt about it all. General politics and conversation can get boring, so I find discussion of whether or not we landed on the moon or the potential effect of a breakaway space civilization to be more interesting, sometimes. When you find yourself to be a rebel it can be fun to challenge the status quo, even if that status quo is

“sanity,” in fact. The belief in ancient aliens is fun for many people and it gives our minds a place to venture into like a good book such as the Chronicles of Narnia. The first book I ever read on the subject was William Bramley’s God’s of Eden, when I was about nineteen or so. Soon afterward I was reading Alien Identities by Richard Thompson and the 12th Planet by Zacharia Sitchin. All of this information was fascinating to me and I read books by channeled sources like Ashtar Command, Ramptha and Seth and I met contactees like Alex Collier. I hung around a New Age bookstore that catered to the conspiracy crowd of southern California, called Mandela Books. I met lots of Christian folks who regarded the New World Order as their sworn enemy and always brought up the role of “Satan” in these matters. For me, I felt grounded in the research and study of world politics and the conspiracies involved, but when it came to religion, I would have to tell people the truth as I knew it, and although it was tolerated, it was not appreciated much by some folks. My distaste for lies and manipulation has always been one of my most evident characteristics and it’s never been something I’ve been willing to compromise on.
   One of the main themes that would recur would be the idea that the NWO would launch a fake alien invasion using holograms and “Project Blue Beam” and they would use people who believed in UFOs to pull it off. These were the warnings from within the conspiracy community, especially the so-called Christian community of conspiracy fans. I had always been keenly aware of this possibility, but never felt it would work well for them to pull this off. Too many people distrust UFOs, Aliens, the Government and anything strange and they will confront it with guns in hand, if it comes down to it. But that was in the 1990’s when barely anyone knew about conspiracies and there was no internet just yet. I had no idea what was just around the corner. A whole new generation of con artists and propaganda masters was being born and a whole new generation of gullible truth seekers who would pay to eat up the nonsense as fast as intelligence agencies could blast it off of keyboards into social media spheres, were growing up alongside them. Ancient Aliens, the show, was being thought out and planned, and memes would be born to keep people from doing research themselves.
   My intent when I started this little project, would be to change the world by using imagery and symbolism on ancient coins and artifacts to explain the roots of religion so people could understand the esoteric and entheogenic nature of religion. I know full well, if everyone understood the roots of religion and the information in this book, world wars would be very difficult to pull off.
    I wrote this with an intention to uplift awareness to a new level, where people will finally have access to the truth once and for all, and this will help to slow or stop the lies and manipulation by the secret societies, the church and world leaders, which have been occurring for thousands of years because they will now have less leverage to pray on the population’s ignorance of the mechanics of church of state.

    Many people do not really understand what is happening in the world, because they do not have a true understanding of history. To understand the present, one really does have to understand the past.
    The interesting thing I have found, is the division among these mind sets in the real world. The students of goddess history and theory do not research or study much ancient alien or UFO theory, but they do study some mushroom history and theory. The mushroom history and theory students sometimes study either goddess history and theory and/or ancient alien UFO theory, and the ancient alien UFO theory students study neither the goddess history and theory nor the mushroom history material. This is the quagmire we have been stuck in for the last few decades of research among the “alternative” thinking crowd. All three of these areas have merit but they are ruled by “specialists.”
    I believe that no matter who you are in this world, you will learn something new from this book. While I was writing this book, I allowed spirit to guide me, and I found myself researching and writing on stuff I had no intention of including, when I first started. A lot of internet research followed the book reading, during the writing process. I ended up learning a tremendous amount during that time and I’m bringing that new information to light. During this book writing period I was led to some “discoveries” and “revelations” which I believe have literally never been taught to the public or even possibly known by humans for thousands of years. Those truths are scattered throughout the book as “gems.” When the reader stumbles upon them, usually they are pointed out. There are approximately 33 of these “gems” that were given to me by the goddess and I have left them like breadcrumbs, in the following pages. These are truths that appear nowhere in print, that I have found anywhere, so far. That does not mean they do not exist as known truths, but I have not found them in print or ever heard any mention of them before. They are genuine “discoveries,” to me at least. The only people who may be aware of these truths are the members of secret societies at the highest levels and they are not speaking.
   It’s my sincere hope that the reader enjoys this book. There are lots of facts. Lots of notes and citations and lots of information here. I tried my best to write this in a way that would be easy to understand and digest, and I made the sincerest effort to bring only truth to these pages without the constant redirection to opinion. I present the information as if I was making a case in court and presenting it to a jury. Maybe some of the information in this book will make it into a court case and eventually all psychedelic drug prosecutions will end. Most of all, I wrote this book in a way that would be entertaining, like a journey through time and space. Learning ancient history and religion should never have been boring for anyone, if they had been taught the truth in the right way. Where other authors paraphrase myths and stories, I give the reader the actual words, and more than that, the context as well. I rely heavily on poetry and myth and often quote authors at

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length if the material being presented is worthy of giving significant attention to. Certainly, if the information is in this book, I included it for a very good reason. Many times, the reader will not be made aware of these reasons until later on in the book. This way the reader has a chance to investigate this, almost like a mystery.
    The less one knows to begin with, the more one will learn along the way. The more one knows already, it may be further along when the new information for them starts to come into focus.
    Additionally, when looking at these images, we must keep something important in mind. The ancient people held the mushroom to be the embodiment of god. The Hebrew peoples were forbidden from making “graven images,” whatsoever. Every representation of the mushroom we find in ancient art, is an occultation, a hidden imagery, meant to help inspire the art itself. It was never supposed to look exactly like a mushroom. It was always meant to be “incorporated” into the design, so as to be noticed only by those “in the know.” Do not be surprised if some of the images do not look exactly like mushrooms, upon first glance. Once your inner eyes have been trained to see these images, they will pop out at you from the most unexpected places. That is part of the magick of this book.
    I should probably mention at this point, that if the reader finds themselves becoming angry at any point with the author while reading this book, they may have fallen into a humor trap. Humor traps exist and I advise to watch out for them.
    I should add here also, I have made some mistakes. I don’t know where obviously, but I’m sure there are a few. I have left all spelling in quotes as it was originally spelled. In several instances, this may be obvious. There are probably a few artifacts that are not genuine, or maybe I have some dates wrong, or perhaps I mislabeled a stele or left out a citation or two. I did all this work by myself with no help from anyone, other than some editorial suggestions, so please forgive the few mistakes I may have made. Much of the dates and information concerning images was gathered online, and I have done my best to remove falsities. I included the original descriptions of coins, from numismatists and artifacts from whatever source they are obtained from. In describing the images, I sought to keep my opinions completely removed and present instead, the “official interpretation.” My intention is to bring this material to the reader with the highest integrity and ability to gather truth, removed from the fiction or myth. If I made mistakes, they were not intentional, and I’ll fix them up for the next edition, if they are brought to my attention.
  Mushrooms have the power to clean up and change the world, and it’s about time we all learn and understand their ancient story. This is their story as they related it to me.