Hello everyone, this is my first post to inform everyone about the going’s on around here.
On May 5, I had my first podcast interview with Alex from Natural Born Alchemist. It was just about 1 hour and it can be listened to here:
Of course, I was a bit nervous, and I could have said more about the book and project but Alex was loaded with good questions and the interview took some interesting and weird turns. We covered a variety of topics which included the symbolism of the mushroom in ancient Christian art and the idea that some mushrooms-like images are actually trees instead. I give my refutation to that idea. I will update this with more details, in the meantime, please have a listen.

On May 18, I did my second podcast interview with Mike And Maurice’s Mind Escape which lasted 1:40 min. It was aired live on youtube and can be listened to here:
This interview went much better than the first. I was far more relaxed than before. I will update with details.

I was a guest call in on Open Lines on Jimmy Church’s Fade To Black on June 20, 2019 – It went really well and Jimmy was excited about the project. Here is the 6 minute snippet.